by sueelaine

I went to the interview and hated every second, they loved me but I hated them. They want me to work a 6 day week for more than 8 hours and I was mortified. But they asked me back tonight at 7.30. I said yes and left, heading to kill some time in south Kensington.

My phone rang, it was my boss saying that she doesn’t want me to leave and tomorrow they will offer me a promotion. I was thrilled and said I’d accept seeing as I hated the place I had my interview for.

It was then that I met up with Eddie as he had asked to see me previously but nothing ever came of it. And we spoke and stuff. He cancelled his plans and sheepishly asked me back to his house for some dinner. He offered to carry my bag, I didn’t let him. As we walked through the tube station I felt like making an excuse and leaving, but I carried on and we got to his house.

He kissed my forehead and hugged me, and then, we both suddenly remembered. Something suddenly came to us and I pulled away and he stopped hugging. He spent the whole evening texting some girl and just being generally annoying. Even to the stage where his housemates were looking at me with empathy. As if to apologise on his behalf.
“I’m going.” I announced.
“If you go I will pick you up and throw you on this bed. You know I will.” He threatened. I laughed as I put on my shoes. He didn’t lay a finger on me.

Tonight was closure. I’ve lost some respect for him. It made me realise I had made the wrong choice about ever being with him in the first place.

I am tired and I have a busy day tomorrow being offered a contract. I have to call France to make bookings for trips and I also have an event in the evening.

“To invent your own life’s meaning isn’t easy, but it’s still allowed. And I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.”